'Opern source platforms and networked coding'

by arsa, 24/07/99

1 - ubermorgen as open platform

Is a mailing group or only info exchange enough to keep good people in ubermorgen? What about open platform to enable members to do something creative with other good people: projects without (or with) profit? Should we ask interested members to contribute in some way to the ubermorgen activities? (What are ubermorgen activities? Are there any?) How should we let/enable members to do anything with sense in the uermorgen-compatible way? (What is ubermorgen compatibility?) How can we create, let live, and constantly feed ubermorgen member activities?

2 - Projects on internet
ubermorgen background is internet, or only net. but the synonim for net (and more) is internet. People would probably like to have something common over there - in virtual space.

Open platform for technologies vs. open platform for contents.

2.1 Techology
Techology -> Solution (Techological posibility to release something) Clear intention - easier success, simple interface definition (interface = how can anyone 'add something' to the initial pool of solutions? Enable members to contribute using different techologies, which can be incorporated together to output something what could be called 'ubermorgen project'. This would be very complicating, but very interesting. Challenge for many possible members, but problem for the 'mamager(s)' of 'ubermorgen open platforms'

Open techology is not quite possible, as we must define at least the beginning of the project, which could be open. But several things must be predefined. Commercial software is open to be incorporated if bought. Open is often understood as 'can be used without paying', and it can be changed as desired. There is a need for a organisation, which would take care of such 'open repository' (or platform). Ontherwise, only God can keep something (open) like this 'living'.
Open platforms (as many people want UNIX to be) do have common predefined elements and mechanisms who define interface and regulate contributions of interested persons.

=> nice thoughts, heavy implementation

2.2 Contents
Create a construction which would enable members to contribute with their images, sounds, texts, and multimedia items. -> Closed techology pool - it is defined by the 'mamager(s)' of 'ubermorgen open platforms'. Members can use it to put there their contents, and exchange it with others.

Some of this possibilities is offered by different internet group-communication providers, but on some low-level infrastructure (links, attachments to e-Mails, text).
To make a system open for contents, and to keep it working is much easier as to do the same with the technologies, but though, it would need (very) much effort to be invested.

We got the question: Do we want to organize and have something like 'ubermorgen open platform' or do we wanna send each other mails and be happy knowing that there is something called 'ubermorgen' where we are together and can exchange some thaughts, stories, and discussions?

If YES: what, how, who...
If NO: is the ubermorgen idea good without doing anything?

But, all this stuff does not have to be seen so seriously as some sentence soundz.